Dashboard Features

The Dynamic DSM energy efficiency project management software was designed to assist users easily manage multiple energy-related projects; its modularity gives the system an immense amount of flexibility, capable of suiting many needs.  Built natively on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, it offers top of the line security, flexibility, value, power and stability. It also includes a comprehensive end-to-end DSM platform and is optimized for flexible and secure single or multi-client program management.

The system allows for an easy and agile deployment, with a 30-to-60-day time frame. Once deployed, the software boasts several formidable out-of-the-box capabilities.


Dynamic DSM comes with several built-in Dashboards.  Assemble and present information from several places in the database in a quickly-readable format—whether to use it to work through your daily business processes or to get an overview of the status of your business.

  • Users are able to create or customize their own dashboards
  • Users are able to share dashboards with other users as read-only or editable
  • Users are able to create charts (pie, bar, column, line, funnel, etc.) for each dashboard
  • Users are able to drill-down into any dashboard chart and view filtered results
  • When charts are filtered, then the corresponding list view is also filtered
  • These corresponding list views can be exported to excel as needed (depending on the user’s permissions)

Dynamic DSM Dashboards contain multiple panels (i.e. views). Users have the flexibility to have as many Dashboards as they want and combine various panels/views on their Dashboards in order to optimize their job tasks. For example, if someone is focused on Approvals for a few hours, they can switch to an Approval Dashboard with multiple lists/types of required Approvals.

Options & Flexiblity (a)

Once selected, any Dashboard can be configured to be Default Dashboard. The next time the user logs in to the system, they will immediately see their Default Dashboard.


Each List View in Dynamic DSM can show a set of charts for that module that allows for drill down interaction.  To show chart, click on the bar to the far right of the list view.  By hovering over portions of the chart, details appear in a tool tip.