Document Management Features

Dynamic DSM energy rebate tracking software provides 2 options for document storage. Our aim is to not just allow for a place to store documents but rather to offer a document management function that helps the user save time and effort.

Drag-n-Drop Document Attachment

This method allows users to drag-n-drop a document onto the screen. The document is immediately added to the database as an attachment. Additionally, the document is added into the Document sub grid.

Project Templates and Measure Templates Include Document Requirements

For example, all New Homes projects require several documents including the “Permit Approval” document. So when a New Homes project is created in the system, a Document line item titled “Permit Approval” is added as a requirement. Additional line items are created for each required document. When the user uploads the document (via drag-n-drop or upload button) “Permit Approval_John Smith_20141209” the system automatically recognizes this as a match to the requirement and updates the “Permit Approval” record from status “Open” to “Uploaded”. The user can then check the document for accuracy and then adjust the status to “Approved”.  In this way, the user is always aware of which documents are required as well which documents have been uploaded and approved.

Missing Documents

If specific documentation is required prior to moving forward from one step to another, then the user is able to configure this in the Project Template and/or the Measure Template. Thus the Milestone will be prohibited from being completed until the Document has been uploaded.

SharePoint Integration

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has out-of-the-box integration with Microsoft SharePoint so if this method is selected, files can be accessed both from within the solution and from all SharePoint’s access points.  This offers added functionality to the above, including versioning, document-level security and the ability to check out files.