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Dynamic DSM manages the entire partner approval process, including automated expiration notifications & renewals.


DSM tracking software designed for integration. Compatibility is ensured with virtually any imaginable environment.


Dynamic DSM’s portal framework empowers customers and trade allies to create and view project applications.


Dynamic DSM-tracker for users to view and update data from their mobile device




With over 12 years of experience in the Energy Efficiency  arena, we have leveraged the power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to provide software solutions to utilities and energy organizations across North America and Europe. 

Our systems have consistently provided our customers a powerful means to plan, manage and report on their KPI targets.


From online applications and project uploads – to rapid data entry, Dynamic DSM includes multiple methods to support our customers’ need to create and track thousands of applications each week.

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Because Dynamic DSM is built on top of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, users are able to completely take advantage of this powerful, flexible and feature rich development platform. That includes all the new features and improved functions that Microsoft builds into each annual update. Microsoft also continues to upgrade compatibility with surrounding Microsoft technologies such as Office, SharePoint and Windows platform.  

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Dynamic DSM can be hosted by Microsoft’s cloud or on-premise. Functionality between the two versions is virtually identical. The key difference is subscription pricing vs purchasing the licenses. Microsoft has a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for Dynamics CRM Online guaranteeing 99.9% uptime. This is an indication of the stability and performance for both the solution itself as well as their cloud infrastructure.


Dynamic DSM can be based within your local area network or accessible outside with an internet-facing deployment.  In either scenario, remote users can synchronize the data to a local MS SQL database that is accessed (and synchronized) within Microsoft Outlook and available when the user is offline.



Top 10 Risks when choosing a DSM tracking system:

  • How do I keep from getting locked into a proprietary software?
  • What happens to my data if I want to switch vendors?
  • What happens to my data if my vendor goes out of business?
  • Do I have to learn how to code – using your software?
  • Do you have 3rd party apps that simply plug in?

  • Will I always be compatible with the latest version of MS Office/Outlook?
  • Do you have an Uptime Guarantee and SLA in case of downtime?
  • Can you provide me the data security I require?
  • Does your system integrate easily, or do I need you to program something?
  • Can I quickly customize fields and screens myself without calling you for each detail?

Because Dynamic DSM is built on the framework of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, our customers are able to answer the above questions with a calm confidence and reassurance that they not only have Dynamic DSM but also Microsoft behind them every step of the way. That’s two vendors for the price of one.





Optimized Efficiency

Utilities benefit from tremendously increased business process efficiency as well as the ability to manage ever increasing program complexity and application volume through rebate tracking and management. Portfolio scalability is supported by the template-based workflow engine. This empowers administrators to meet ever-changing requirements by quickly modifying business rules.


Automated push notifications keep your customers and partners up to date in real time. This includes alerts via email and portal (and even SMS where desired), ensuring that application next steps are acted on quickly and payments are issued without delay.

DIY Configuration

One of the most powerful features within Dynamic DSM is our template-based automation engine – empowering administrators to create or modify program workflow in a matter of minutes or days. Our training plan is designed to empower your admins and managers to handle virtually all functionality, thus lowering the need for continued professional services.

Rapid Deployment

Deployment bottlenecks are eliminated by your ability to quickly design programs in Excel and then upload to the system. Rebate application processing is continually streamlined as your administrators adjust workflow logic to accommodate changing program & reporting requirements.