Marketing Features

Campaign Management

Dynamic DSM provides Campaign Management features. The new Drag and drop visual Campaign Designer makes it easy for marketers to create multi-channel campaigns integrated with email marketing and social channels so users can generate highly qualified leads.
Easy campaign creation and management: The drag-and-drop campaign designer and automated marketing triggers make it easy to execute campaigns and create an optimal customer experience.
Campaign Readiness Status Report: Empower your marketers with access to sales and marketing data through visual dashboards. Get a clear overview of campaign results so you can quickly understand performance. Measure pipeline and revenue across every marketing investment to get a true view of your marketing ROI.
Marketing Lists Our Marketing List module allows you to segment your users and assign contacts to one or more Marketing List. Built to support strategic segmentation, our system will even automatically add and remove contacts from a marketing list – based on Conditions in the database. You design the logic once and allow the system to do the daily hard work for you.
Campaign Data & ROI Manage the detailed data of your Campaign so that you can evaluate your ROI in the future. Manage your start and end dates as well as your budgets and costs. Then compare these numbers to the actual results of your email campaign. If designed properly, you will be able to track which Measures and Projects are specifically related to which Campaign.

Professional Marketing Features

The Dynamic DSM energy rebate tracking software was designed from the ground up with Marketing in mind. Built on the powerful platform of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we are able to leverage (a) the numerous OOTB (out of the box) Marketing Features within the Dynamics family of products and (b) the abundance of best-of-breed 3rd Party Marketing Tools that are available.


As a marketer, you need to create amazing customer experiences across all your channels. At the same time, you need to understand the impact of your marketing investments. Microsoft Dynamics Marketing helps you drive revenue by planning campaigns more strategically, executing across channels more effectively, and measuring the impact of your marketing investments in real-time. Now you can manage and optimize your marketing and sales funnel with a single integrated solution based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics Marketing.

E-Mail Blasting

Dynamic DSM provides Mass Email, including tracking.

  • Creation of Templates
  • Sending of Emails
  • Tracking of Opens
  • Tracking of Clicks
  • Tracking of Click-throughs
  • Tracking of URLs

Mail Merge 

Dynamic DSM provides Mail Merge functionality with custom fields.

  • Merge to Word Documents
  • Merge to PDF Documents

Mobile Notifications via SMS

Dynamic DSM provides the ability to send notifications to users and contacts via SMS.

  • Creation of SMS Templates
  • Sending of SMS messages
  • Sending of SMS blasts

You can send SMS (text) messages in bulk to Microsoft CRM marketing lists. The messages are sent to the mobile numbers of the lead and/or contact records on the marketing lists. CRM activity records are created to document that the message was sent. The SMS messages can take advantage of data in CRM for personalization. You can also trigger SMS messages from CRM workflow and merge lead or contact data into the message contents. A personalized message is sent to recipients and logged in CRM as a closed activity associated to the lead and contact records.

Market and Website Tracking

With Dynamic DSM, you discover who is interested in your products and services because you will see the actual web activity of anonymous and identified visitors on your website. Interested in which companies and organizations are browsing your site and that interests them? Want to know what a specific prospective customer has viewed on your site before making the opening call? Our system allows you to do all this and more.
Dynamic DSM tracks every visitor on your website, attempts to discover the company/organization from which they are visiting and reports this information to you on our marketing dashboard. When the visitor becomes identified, by completing a form or clicking on a link in a marketing email (or an email sent from Outlook or other email software), all his or her past anonymous browsing activity is available on their CRM record with their identified browsing behavior.

Dynamic DSM provides the ability to track which Leads, Contacts, Accounts have been visiting the website. Marketing Managers can see who has been clicking around. Other KPIs include:

  • How often have they clicked.
  • How many pages.
  • How much time spent.
  • What was their most recent activity.

Lead Scoring As Dynamic DSM tracks individual visitor activity on your website, each visitor accumulates a score based on his or her visits, page views and more. Scoring is based on default values you set, but you may also score certain pages higher or lower based on their importance in showing visitor intent. Using the lead score, your sales team can quickly and easily determine which leads to pursue. And, we should also clarify some semantics while we have your attention; Dynamic DSM scores all visitors: anonymous, CRM Leads and CRM Contacts.

  • Set your own default score values.
  • Customize the Scores by page
  • Each Lead is scored automatically.
  • If the score reaches the designated threshold, an automatic email notification gets sent to a representative.

Nurture Marketing

Dynamic DSM allows marketers to build nurture programs using an easy drag-and-drop interface. Prospects can be fed a stream of relevant messages and sales can be notified as prospects begin to respond to your messaging.

Nurture programs are a great way to keep your message in front of prospects without committing valuable sales resources. Marketers can easily build nurture programs and sales people can easily nurture prospects who are not yet ‘sales ready.’ A relevant stream of messages will be sent and a variety of automated actions can be triggered as the prospects begin to respond.

Marketers begin by building a nurture flow in our drag-and-drop nurture builder. No knowledge of CRM workflow is required. Once the nurture program is built, it can be published so that users can enroll leads and contacts in nurture programs directly from the lead and contact screens. Leads and contacts can be added to nurture programs in bulk by associating marketing list(s) with the program and adding leads and contacts to those lists.

Additional Marketing Features

Marketing via Social-Listening
Microsoft Social Listening is now available in CRM. Microsoft Social Listening is a powerful new service that your organization can use to monitor social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. Use Microsoft Social Listening to track products, brands, competitors, and campaigns globally and in real time to gain a true understanding of your customers and your business across the social web.
Uncovering Segmented Detail Data via Inside-View
Microsoft’s Inside View allows users to easily find data on Accounts in the database. Normally a “Paid-For” product, Inside-View has partnered with Microsoft so that this feature is free to all users.
Implementing Yammer (Microsoft’s enhanced version of “Chatter”)
Yammer is an enterprise social network used by more than 200,000 companies worldwide, and it now provides social context within Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Get connected to the right people, share information across teams, and organize around customers and opportunities, so you can get farther—faster.
Event Management
Microsoft Dynamics Marketing includes event management so you can track costs, venues, events, and registrations, and measure marketing ROI, just like any other marketing tactic.