Reporting Features

DSM Reporting and Dashboards

Built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, Dynamic DSM provides a better energy efficiency reporting system for DSM program management requirements.

  • Easy Creation. Microsoft’s report writing tools are designed to be simple and intuitive.
  • Easy Copying. Microsoft makes it easy to simply copy an existing report, adjust the settings and then save it under a different name.
  • Easy Sharing. It is simple to share a report with another user.
  • Built-In Reports. Take advantage of the numerous reports already existing in Dynamic DSM.
  • Flexible Reports. Any list view can by exported to Excel, making DSM reporting more intuitive.
  • Ad-hoc Reports. Users can (a) create, edit and save their own reports (b) Pull full data listings (c) Filter reports based on a variety of criteria (d) Summarize data (e) Export reports to saved Excel reports, allowing users to change data formats and perform simple mathematical transformation.
  • Security. Access to export data controlled by user security
  • Automated Reports. Excel data automatically refreshes, thus every time the user opens the report, they will be greeted with fresh, up-to-date data.
  • Export to Excel Options. Static worksheets, pre-configurable data, dynamic pivot table, dynamic worksheetExport to Excel
  • Excel Reports for Non-Users. Share an Excel Report with a non-user, and choose whether that report should automatically update with live data…or not.
  • Tiered Goals. Combine smaller goals, such as for specific teams or programs, into the overall goals for your organization
  • Forecasting. All Phases and Milestones are forecasted and are thus available to meet complex forecasting requirements.
  • Multiple Report Types. Forecast, KPIs, charts, graphs, excel, etc.
  • Rollups. Create a rollup of all the goals into the actual that shows users how well they are tracking
  • SSRS. Leverage Microsoft’s SSRS reporting writing engine.
  • Drill-Down. Charts and Graphs can all be drilled down. The user is easily able to filter and drill into the data that is relevant.
  • Reporting Fields.