Telephony Features

Telephony Integration

Dynamic DSM was designed to function in an enterprise business environment. This requires flexible telephony integration for all users. Through our strategic alliance with QGate, Microsoft Dynamics leading Telephony partner, Dynamic DSM is able to provide an incredibly flexible and powerful telephony integration.

Seamless Integration with Dynamic DSM

Most telephony integration tools use a completely separate User Interface. Our User Interface is designed such that the user can stay in the same screen at all time. This is a truly seamless integration into Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

  • Elegant desktop integration with dynamic, active sidebar display.
  • On-screen call display (soft-phone) with essential call handling capability.
  • Multiple telephone call support.
  • In-call note capture capability.
  • Inbound Call Identification.
  • Screen Pop. When inbound calls arrive, the user is able to immediately switch to the screen relating to the Contact Caller.


Increasing productivity by improving the speed and accuracy of outbound calling with one-click dialing from within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Call Logging & Wrap Up

Assisting the call flow process with rich detailed information from CRM via the Dynamics CRM Call Assistant, to streamline the use of CRM to deliver fast efficient customer interaction Call wrap-up capability for managing post call operations in CRM such as note taking, Activity management, Case management, and/or Opportunity management.

Complex Scenarios

Seamlessly managing complex CRM entity relationships to ensure quality data captured across multiple related CRM entities.

Call Statistics & Reporting

Automatic recording of telephone call statistics, combined with associated customer data to enable valuable analysis and business intelligence.

Call Auditing & Tracking

Automatic logging of telephone call information within Microsoft Dynamics CRM for audit tracking, performance analysis and complete CRM call history management.

Large Variety of Telephone Systems

Telephone system independence with a wide range of telephone system compatibilities; including Avaya, Cisco and a whole host of other systems by supporting all the major phone event protocols. See our QGate Phone System Compatibility List for full details .

Flexible and extendable framework solution

Our system has been future-proofed with its open and flexible design. For example, if the environment changes or the phone system is upgraded, the solution will not need re-engineering.