The #1 DSM Workflow Engine

DSM Tracker built on the #1 CRM Workflow Engine

 In order to ease simplify the creation of complex workflows within Microsoft, Dynamic DSM includes a state-of-the-art Project Milestone Engine that includes Editable Grids.

One of the most powerful features within Dynamic DSM is our Workflow Automation – resting on the most powerful and flexible workflow engine in the world of CRM. Where necessary, our talented team of JavaScript developers is able to take advantage of the SDK of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to create customized automation features. As an energy efficiency rebate tracking software, Dynamic DSM is efficient and powerful.

Dynamic DSM leverage the power of Microsoft’s workflow engine. Second to none, the flexibility provided by this engine allow users the security of knowing that projects and leads will never fall trhough the cracks.

Alerts & Notifications

User Alerts

Based on conditions being met, Users are alerted.

Customer Alerts and Emails

Automatic notification based on conditions in the database being fulfilled.

Overdue Activities

When activities become overdue, follow up reminders can be triggered.


When record posts are created (manually or automatically) users are automatically notified.

Queue & Dashboard Updates

Queue Updates

Queues are automatically updated in real-time when conditions are met.

Dashboard Updates

Automatic and unlimited updating of Dashboard Reports.


Record Creation

Creating Records on the same database table or on a related database table.

Field and Record Updates

Updating Fields and Records the same database table or on a related database table.

Data Revision

Revise Data based on conditions changing in other fields or records.

Parent Record Updates

Updating Parent Records based on field revisions on a Child Record.

Marketing Automation


Updating Marketing Lists and Campaigns automatically based on conditions being met.

Advance Marketing

When a customer is surfing your website, you will be notified (depending on the number of minutes or pages you have configured as the scoring threshold).

DSM Tracker

Tracking Conditional Associations

Records can be automatically linked together – depending on business rules. For example, when a Trade Ally is associated with a Measure, the parent Project (a) is therefore also automatically related to the Trade Ally and (b) thus appears on the Trade Ally’s Portal.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Workflow Engine